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Butte County's Department of Water and Resource Conservation was formed on July 1, 1999 following many years implementing programs to protect the Butte County water resources.

Our Mission: To manage and conserve water and other resources for the citizens of Butte County.

Inter-basin Coordination in the Northern Sacramento Valley


In the Sacramento Valley, inter-basin coordination is critical as Groundwater Sustainability Agencies develop their Groundwater Sustainability Plans.   We all recognize the interconnectedness of groundwater in the subbasins that together make up the larger Sacramento Valley groundwater basin. 

Coordination among GSAs can be formalized through Coordination Agreements.  These are voluntary, and the components of such agreements are described in the Groundwater Sustainability Regulations in Article 8.  

Informal exchange of information and collaboration occurs between staff and consultants working on GSPs in subbasins throughout the region. In addition, Tania Carlone and Mariana Rivera-Torres of the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) are facilitating inter-basin coordination.  The effort began with conversations between County staff from Tehama, Glenn, Colusa, and Butte to identify priorities and resources available for inter-basin coordination. 

These slides provide an overview of the scope and timeline of the Inter-basin Coordination efforts (Flier).

Agendas and meeting summaries are linked in the table below.  This website will make available documentation and results of this inter-basin coordination work. 

Meeting Agenda Meeting Summary
Meeting #1, May 13, 2020  Agenda Meeting Summary
Meeting #2, July 29, 2020 Agenda Meeting Summary
Meeting #3, August 24, 2020 Agenda Meeting Summary
Meeting #4, December 1, 2020 Agenda Meeting Summary
Meeting #5, February 1, 2021 Agenda Meeting Summary

Implementing SGMA in the Northern Sacramento Valley

For more information about activities and GSP development in individual subbasins, visit their websites linked in this table:

Subbasin GSA(s) Website
Antelope Tehama County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (FCWCD) Website
Bowman Tehama County FCWCD
Butte Biggs West Gridley WD, Butte County, Butte WD, City of Biggs, City of Gridley, Colusa Groundwater Authority, Glenn County, RD 1004, RD2106, Richvale ID, Wester Canal WD Website
Los Molinos Tehama County FCWCD Website
Red Bluff  Tehama County FCWCD Website
Corning Corning Sub-basin GSA, Tehama County FCWCD Website
Colusa Glenn Groundwater Authority;
Colusa Groundwater Authority
Sutter Butte WD, City of Live Oak, Sutter Community Service District, Sutter County, Sutter Extension Water District, RD 70, RD1660, RD 1500, City of Yuba City Website
Vina Vina GSA;
Rock Creek Reclamation District
Wyandotte Creek Wyandotte Creek GSA Website
Yolo Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency Website

*While efforts have mainly focused on the subbasins identified above, coordination will occur, as warranted, with other subbasins to the north and south (Anderson and North Yuba)

Technical Coordination

Integrated hydrologic models (surface water-groundwater models) are a useful data analysis tool to enhance our understanding of groundwater dynamics, estimate water budgets, and support development of portions of Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs). 

The table shows which model is being used in various subbasins in the region.

Subbasin  Model
Butte Butte Basin Groundwater Model 2020
Wyandotte Creek Butte Basin Groundwater Model 2020
Corning Refined version of C2VSim-FG v.1.0 (pending DWR release of v.1.0)
Colusa Refined version of C2VSimFG Beta 2
Antelope Tehama County Integrated Hydrologic Model (revised SVSim model)
Bend Tehama County Integrated Hydrologic Model (revised SVSim model)
Bowman Tehama County Integrated Hydrologic Model (revised SVSim model)
Red Bluff Tehama County Integrated Hydrologic Model (revised SVSim model)
South Battle Creek Tehama County Integrated Hydrologic Model (revised SVSim model)

The following information about the modeling tools and their development has been compiled by the technical teams working in these subbasins.
Highlights of Compiled Model Information
Compiled Modeling Tools Spreadsheet - this table contains descriptions for the main characteristics of the models being used to support SGMA implementation throughout the region.

To compare water budget results from the different subbasins, the following draft spreadsheet template has been developed.  Each consultant team will fill it out for their respective subbasin(s) and then the information can be compared and will be made available to the public.

Draft Spreadsheet Template



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