Water & Resource Conservation

Butte County's Department of Water and Resource Conservation was formed on July 1, 1999 following many years implementing programs to protect the Butte County water resources.

Our Mission: To manage and conserve water and other resources for the citizens of Butte County.

Private Well Owners

Households that rely on well water can face problems during a drought. Being prepared can reduce the chance of well problems and shorten the time it takes to restore water. As a rule, you should be mindful of your well's health and functionality on an ongoing basis, but most especially during a drought period. Wellowner.org has an abundance of basic information on wells and regular maintenance.

View the private well owner informational brochure.

Q. My well has 'gone dry', what do I do?

A. This occurs when the groundwater level falls below the depth of the pump or the bottom of the well. You will need to contact a licensed contractor who can assess your situation and give you options. Wellowner.org has a Contractor Lookup tool. If you have the ability to store water or purchase a storage tank, be sure to use only licensed water haulers for delivery of safe, clean potable water. The following are licensed water haulers in Butte County and surrounding counties as listed by the California Department of Public Health found here: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CEH/DFDCS/Pages/FDBPrograms/FoodSafetyProgram/Water.aspx.

Local Licensed Water Haulers:

Butte County
Ben Porta Showers 720 Colusa Hwy, Gridley, CA (530) 846-4110
Butte Valley Water Delivery 1245 Oro Dam Blvd E #33, Oroville, CA (530) 552-0145
Patane Farms, Field Services, LLC 3169 4TH St, Biggs, CA (530) 682-6680
L & L Farms 4577 Midway, Richvale, CA (530) 521-3147
Tough Company Fire, Inc. 2669 Highway 32, Chico, CA (530) 228-5384
Butte Water Truck Service 5656 Miners Ranch Rd, Oroville, CA (530) 589-0645
Craig Dewsnup Trucking 179 Little Ave, Gridley, CA (530) 846-3116

Colusa County
Traynham Ranch 7082 Tule Road, Arbuckle, CA (530) 476-2236

Glenn County
Tozier's Fire Support, LLC 400 6th St, Hamilton City, CA (530) 521-9904
Gandy-Staley Oil Company, Inc. 630 Eureka St, Willows, CA (530) 934-3168

Tehama County
Ben Haynes Construction19585 Alta Vista Dr, Anderson, CA (530) 781-3988
All American Emergency Services 3540 South Hwy 99, Corning, CA (530) 521-5377
Firewall Supply 1005 Vista Wy, Ste D & E, Red Bluff CA (530) 351-2792

Q. Who do I report my dry well or other well problems to?

Individuals served by domestic wells who are experiencing a water supply shortage are encouraged to report it to DWR’s online Household Water Supply Shortage Reporting System.

This will help inform state and local agencies on water shortage impacts to households served by wells, and will help identify the need for local, state, or federal assistance. Individuals interested in financial assistance will be directed to appropriate resources.

To report a water supply shortage, go to the MyDryWaterSupply webpage, and click the “Submit Report” button. The form is also available in Spanish by clicking “Enviar Reporte.”

For more information, email sgmps@water.ca.gov.

Q. I haven’t had problems but how can I be proactive?

Knowing the total depth and general construction of your well can help you anticipate how your well may respond in drought conditions. This information can be found on a ‘Well Log’ that was filled out at the time your well was drilled. Having your well log on hand is a must, especially during dry times. 

Copies of Well Logs, also known as Well Completion Reports or Well Driller Reports, are available from the Butte County Department of Environmental Health. Fill out and return the Well Log Release Request to the Environmental Health Division. Call 530.538.7281 with any questions. 

Alternatively, you can request your well depth information and well log through the Department of Water Resources Northern Region Office in Red Bluff using the Well Completion Reports Request form or by calling 530.529.7300. 

 Annual well maintenance is also recommended. Have your well serviced to check pump performance, depth to water, and the depth of your pump. Information regarding the depth of the pump in your well may be recorded on installation receipts, or may be available from the pump company which performed the installation. 

Q. How can I find out where the groundwater level is in my area? 

Depth to groundwater for monitoring wells in your area can be viewed on the SGMA Data Viewer. Use the map to find a monitoring well near you. If you know the total depth of your well, where it is screened, and how deep your pump sits in the borehole then you can compare that information to local groundwater conditions to gauge your risk for running into well troubles.

Groundwater level monitoring occurs throughout the year. Results and summaries are provided in the Department’s Groundwater Status Report. Call our Department if you have questions about groundwater conditions, 530.552.3595. 

Q. What information is available for agricultural users?

The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources is working to help farmers cope with the unwelcome outcome of recent drought conditions. The UC Drought Resources website has a number of links including a calendar of drought events, agricultural and natural resource experts, and information and resources for agriculture, rangeland, and urban landscapes. A recent addition includes recorded video presentations on high-priority drought topics. These are available for viewing on the UC California Institute of Water Resources page

Related Agricultural Resources

UC Drought Management
US Department of Agriculture Drought Help
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Well Log Release Request Form (Butte County Environmental Health Division)
Well Completion Report Request Form (DWR)



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