Treasurer-Tax Collector
The Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Department operates three divisions - Treasury, Property Tax, and Central Collections. While the activities of each division are unique, the primary purpose of the department as a whole is the collection and cash management of revenue owed to the County, cities, special districts, school districts, and the court system. The department is committed to providing excellent customer service and assuring effective utilization of the public’s tax dollars through a program of performance measurement and management.
Title Company and Lender Instructions

Payment Processing Checklist

Include the following with payment

  • Current owner’s full name
  • Situs address
  • Payment breakdown
  • Assessment number (not the fee number)
  • Escrow number on check
  • Contact name and phone number for payment questions
  • If paying a supplemental bill, reference the assessment number (beginning with a 99, and assessment year)

Mobile Homes Title Transfer Checklist

Obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate

Renew or update an expired Tax Clearance Certificate

  • Copy of the outdated Tax Clearance Certificate
  • $25.00 renewal fee

Delinquent Unsecured Tax Demands

The Central Collections Division of the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Department processes demands for delinquent unsecured taxes. For more information, call 530.552.3710. You can also fax your your demand to 530-538-6540 or email it to

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Treasurer-Tax Collector

Property Tax Division

Central Collections Division

Treasury Division

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9:00 am - 5:00 pm
25 County Center Drive
Suite 125

Oroville, CA 95965

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