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Recycling is more than extending the life of our landfill.  It is about making the best use of the resources we have available and preserving those resources for future generations.  It is about conserving water, energy, land and materials.  It is about creating a sustainable community that values what we have and what future generations deserve to have.  When you bury something in the landfill, it's like burying the energy and water it took to create that product.
Recycling Tips


What is accepted
Glass food and beverage containers, including wine and beer bottles, wide mouth jars.

How to prepare
Remove metal lids and caps & place with cans
Rinse to avoid odors & insects
Labels do not need to be removed

Do not include
Window glass or light bulbs
Drinking glasses or stemware
China, ceramics, crockery
Porcelain, Pyrex or vases

Metal Cans

What is accepted
Aluminum cans
Tin/bimetal cans
Metal lids from jars and bottles

How to prepare
Rinse to avoid odors & insects
Labels do not need to be removed

Do not include
Scrap metal
Coat hangers
Aerosol cans
Propane tanks

Paper & Cardboard

What is accepted
Newspaper including inserts, newsprint publications
Magazines including catalogs and glossy paper
Junk mail including envelopes, white/colored office paper, binder paper, gift paper (no plastic/foil lining)
Telephone books and catalogs
Cardboard (flattened and bundled in 2'x2' squares)
Carton board (bagged or bundled) including cereal/cracker boxes (no liners), 6-pack cartons
Brown paper bags (bagged or bundled)
Egg cartons (paperboard only), wax milk and juice cartons

How to prepare
Shredded paper okay (Please bag)
Staples and tape okay
Plastic windows from envelopes okay
Flatten cardboard to 2'x2' in order to fit in truck's compartment
Flatten carton board boxes, laundry detergent boxes okay
NCR (pressure sensitive) paper okay

Do not include
Rubber bands or plastic wrap from newspapers
Adhesive or sticky-backed paper (e.g., "Post-It" notes)
Carbon paper, thermal fax paper or photographs
Napkins, paper towels, facial tissue, plates or soiled paper Books
Greasy pizza boxes
Waxed cardboard or cardboard saturated with poultry or meat juices
Remove plastic/foil lining from cereal/cracker boxes
Tip: Tear a corner of your frozen food packaging. If you see no plastic microfilm layer, recycle the container with your paper. Otherwise dispose of the packaging in the garbage.


What is accepted
Narrow and open necked plastic containers (any color) including soda bottles, detergent and shampoo bottles.
Usually marked on bottom with PET #1 and HDPE #2.
Plastic tubs (margarine, yogurt type)

How to prepare
Rinse plastic milk jugs to avoid odors
Flatten containers
Remove plastic caps and dispose in garbage

Chico and Paradise only
Expanded plastics collection
Plastic food containers 1 through 6 are accepted with the curbside recycling program. This includes narrow-necked containers and tub containers (typically used for yogurt, cottage cheese and margarine). No plastic bags or Styrofoam (e.g. takeout containers or meat trays).

Yard Waste

What is accepted
Grass clippings, leaves, weeds, brush and branches
Prunings less than 3’ long and 2’’ in diameter
Fruit and veggies form your garden

Do not include
Plastic, glass, cans or paper
Poison oak, bamboo or palm fronds, dirt or rocks
Food table scraps or animal waste
Prunings more than 3’ long and 2” in diameter


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