Butte County Fire Department is the largest fire department north of Sacramento, California to Eugene, Oregon. We are a combination of career and citizen volunteer firefighters.

Our Mission: "To provide professional services to protect lives, property, and environment to those residing, working or traveling with in the unincorporated areas of Butte County, the cities of Biggs and Gridley and the Town of Paradise."

Gold Medal of Valor 2016

  On December 12, 2014, at approximately 2:00 pm Battalion Chief John Messina was     off duty, driving through Butte County on his return from a class in Ione. Over the radio     he heard a call come in that there were people trapped in a flooded vehicle close to      his current location. BC Messina arrived five minutes later observing three adults and a small child on top of a submerged vehicle, surrounded by swift moving water. BC Messina advised them over the P.A. system in his vehicle, to stay where they were, as help was on the way. Suddenly, the vehicle started to swept downstream by the force of the swift moving water and into the main channel of Honcut Creek. The terrified victims screamed to BC Messina that they could not swim. At this point, BC Messina quickly weighed his options, and without regard to his own safety, entered the swift moving water without a life jacket. BC Messina walked at first, and then began the 100 yard swim to the terrified victims. Arriving at the submerged vehicle which was now hung up on a fence and trees and starting to roll over on to its side, BC Messina told the victims to hand him the child and then to jump from the vehicle. After assisting all the victims from the vehicle into the water he gathered them and carried the child, swimming first, and then walking to higher ground. At this point the CAL FIRE / Butte County Fire Swift Water Team and ambulance arrived at scene. The victims were placed into the ambulance where they were treated for hypothermia. BC Messina acted in the finest tradition of the fire service, selflessly offering his life as collateral for strangers without a moment's pause. The State of California takes great pride in presenting this Gold Medal of Valor to Battalion Chief John Messina. 

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