It is the mission of the Butte County Cooperative Fire Agencies to provide professional services to protect lives, property, and environment to those residing, working or traveling within the unincorporated areas of Butte County, the Cities of Biggs and Gridley and the Town of Paradise.

The purpose of this inspection is to insure that all businesses in unincorporated Butte County meet the minimum requirements for fire and life safety listed in the California Building and Fire Codes. The Butte County Fire Department is in the preliminary stages of providing yearly fire and life safety inspections for the business community. The Department feels it is important to provide appropriate information to help you eliminate common mercantile fire hazards and encourage fire-safe-work environments. We want to keep your business in business. 

As the Business Self-Inspection Program develops the Department will issue annual inspection forms to businesses that are not involved in any hazardous process, do not handle any hazardous materials, or that typically have limited interaction with the public. Fire inspectors will conduct those inspections. If you have any questions about this program or wish to schedule an on-site inspection, please call the Butte County Fire Department/CAL FIRE Fire Prevention Bureau at (530) 538-7888 or fax your questions to us at (530) 538-2105. 

General Emergency vehicles can gain access to your business without being obstructed by parked vehicles. 

Addressing numbers are clearly visible and legible from the street or road fronting the property. 

Access to fire hydrants and other fire protection equipment is not obstructed. 

A three-foot clear space is maintained around fire hydrants.

A 2A-10 BC fire extinguisher is mounted on the wall and available within 75 feet of walking distance from any location within the occupancy, and is it readily visible and accessible.

  • Do you and your employees know how to use the fire extinguisher? Fire extinguisher(s) are in operable condition and have been serviced and tagged by a state licensed service technician within the last year. 

Extension cords are used only with portable appliances. 

  • Extension cords, except for circuit-protected multi-plug extension cords, serve only one portable appliance. 
  • Extension cords are not affixed to structures, do not extend through walls, ceilings, floors, or under doors or floor coverings or are subject to environmental or physical damage. 

There is a cover on all electrical switches, outlets and junction boxes. 

A clear and unobstructed means of access with a minimum width of 30 inches and a minimum height of 78 inches is maintained between the electrical panel to an aisle or corridor. 

No flammable/combustible liquids or other hazardous materials are utilized within this occupancy. 

  • Exception: Cleaning supplies in limited amounts for building maintenance. 

Compressed gas cylinders must be secured to prevent being knocked over. 

Know how to turn off the gas supply to your business. 

Is there a 9-1-1 sticker on or near your phone? 


Exit pathways, aisles and corridors are not obstructed in any way. Exit doors are openable from the inside without the use of a key or any special knowledge or effort. They are not locked, chained, bolted, barred or otherwise rendered unusable. Exception: Key locking hardware may be used on the main exit when it consists of a single door or a pair of doors, if there is a readily visible, durable sign on or adjacent to, the door stating, “THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED DURING BUSINESS HOURS.” The letters on the sign shall not be less than one inch high. The unlatching of any exit door does not require more than one motion. Exit signs and exit illumination are in proper working order. 

Housekeeping and Storage:

An approved metal container with a tight fitting cover is provided for oily rags and similar materials. Combustible rubbish is removed from the occupancy at least once each business day. Storage is a minimum of 24 inches below the ceiling in a building without fire sprinklers. Storage is a minimum of 18 inches below the ceiling in a building with fire sprinklers. Boiler (water heater), mechanical and electrical rooms are free of combustible storage. Storage over 12 feet high in a building does not exceed 500 square feet of area. Is the area around your building free of trash or combustible debris? Is the trash dumpster for your business more than five feet from the building’s exterior wall, roof overhang or any opening like a door or window? 

Fire Protection Systems:

All fire protection systems and appliances are in operative condition. Access to and clearance around the fire sprinkler riser is maintained. Quarterly visual inspections are performed on the automatic fire sprinkler system and documentation of inspections is maintained. The automatic fire sprinkler system has been serviced within the last five years and a tag documenting that service is affixed to the riser. The hood fire extinguishing system has been serviced within the last 6 months and a tag documenting that service has been attached to the manual activation handle. A 40 BC fire extinguisher is provided within 30 feet of cooking equipment if there is a hood fire extinguishing system. Fire alarm systems have been tested and serviced within the last year.

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