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1. Why is Butte County and the South Feather Water and Power Agency (SFWPA) working together to bring clean water to the Palermo community?
2. How can I stay updated on the Project status and next steps?
3. Do I have to destroy my well if I participate in the project?
4. How much would it potentially cost me to connect to the SFWPA water system in the future? How much money am I saving by connecting to the SFWPA water system now under this grant?
5. If I choose not to sign up for the SFWPA Letter of Interest now, can I change my mind before the Project is complete?
6. If I hook up to the SFWPA water system through the Project what benefits do I receive as a SFWPA water customer?
7. If I live just outside of the project boundaries on the map can I still participate and get connected to the SFWPA water system?
8. If I sign up now with the Letter of Interest, what will my out-of-pocket costs be?
9. What is the current SFWPA water bill for those already hooked up to the SFWPA water system?
10. How do I indicate my interest in connecting my Palermo property to receive water from the SFWPA water system?