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Butte County Courthouse
1 Court Street, Oroville, CA 95965

North Butte County Courthouse
1775 Concord Avenue, Chico, CA 95928

District Attorney, Michael L. Ramsey

Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is made up of three different divisions; Major Crimes Division (MCD), Child Protection Division (CPD), and the Fraud Prevention Division (FPD). Investigators in all divisions are regularly called upon by local agencies to assist in critical incidents, major criminal events and local disasters.  Investigators are essential members and lead investigators of Butte County’s Officer Involved Shooting/ Critical Incident Protocol Team.

Major Crimes Division

The Major Crimes Division conducts in-depth investigations ranging from burglary to homicide. Investigators work directly with Deputy District Attorneys to ensure a case referred from an allied agency is fully investigated and properly prepared for trial. MCD investigators work closely with local agencies and provide investigative assistance whenever a request is made. 

Environmental Crimes are investigated with the assistance of scientists and field experts to mitigate environmental hazards from further impacting our community. Butte County District Attorney Investigators were critically involved in both the Camp and Dixie fires, leading to major PG&E reforms and justice for the victims.

Child Protection Division

This division is made of three main units focused on civil and criminal issues relating to children. 

Child Abduction Unit

This unit is legislatively-mandated unit, which assists family members going through family law disputes assistance in getting their case into the family law court. Withholding waivers are issued by this unit, which provides those with custodial rights time to bring their issues into the family law court without the fear of violating a court order. 

Child Abuse Unit

This unit investigates allegations of abuse to minors by family members. Specially trained investigators work with forensically trained interviewers from Children’s Services to identify and prevent further injury to the children and to further investigate the alleged crime. Upon finding evidence of a crime, Investigators work alongside a Deputy District Attorney to prepare those cases for trial. Drug Endangered Children (DEC) investigator(s) are assigned to this unit.

Domestic Violence Unit

This unit works directly with Deputy District Attorneys to ensure a domestic violence case that has been referred from an allied agency is properly prepared for trial. Specially trained investigators work with Victim Advocates to seek justice in these troubling cases that often involve children as collateral victims. 

Fraud Prevention Division

The Fraud Prevention Division investigates cases of embezzlement, theft and fraud schemes that create a significant impact to the community.  Consumer fraud is preventable and being informed is key to understanding the many fraudulent crimes targeting our community.  There are two units that comprise the FPD:

Major Fraud Unit

In addition to major fraud, the Butte County District Attorney also investigates areas of specialized fraud.

Real Estate Fraud

The types of cases considered for investigation result from various fraudulent transactions and/or schemes including:

Submission of forged loan applications

Fraudulent transfers of title of real property

Recorded fraudulent real estate documents

Home equity sale contract fraud

Mortgage fraud, as well as several other real estate matters

Auto Fraud

Insurance fraud is a billion dollar a year problem for California residents. Cases involving fraudulent insurance claims, staged accidents, unnecessary medical or repair claims, and vehicle thefts are reviewed and investigated within this unit. Investigators work alongside the Department of Insurance, National insurance Crime Bureau and other State and insurance agencies to enhance these investigations.

Public Assistance Fraud Unit

Working with the Butte County Employment and Social Services, investigators and Investigative assistants assigned to this unit respond to concerns of welfare fraud at the application stage. Investigators interview clients, neighbors, and family members to verify information submitted on applications for welfare assistance.

To Report Suspected Fraud

There are three different ways to submit a report of suspected fraud:

 Contact the DA

Phone: 530-538-7411
Fax: 530-538-7071

Victim Assistance Bureau
Phone: 530-538-7340
Fax: 534-8301

Child Abduction Unit
Phone: 530-538-6540

Fraud Hotline
Phone: 866-DA Fraud 

Investigations Bureau
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