Development Services


7 County Center Drive
Oroville, CA 95965



Link: Development Services Page


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
8 am to 4 pm

8 am to 3 pm

Excluding Holidays (PDF)

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Colwell, Kenneth Administrative Services Manager 530-552-3660  
Daneluk, Paula Director 530-552-3656  
Buttelo, Breeann Office Assistant II 530-552-3676  
Eagles, Dylan Information Technology Analyst II 530-552-3678  
Ensley, Sarah Information Technology Analyst I 530-552-3670  
Johnson, Curtis Assistant Director 530-552-3644  
Sheley-Lopez, Natiely Administrative Analyst I 530-552-4872  
Miner, Patrick Information Technology Manager 530-552-3669  
Wakefield, Jennifier Administrative Analyst II 530-552-3662  
Vang, Kao Administrative Analyst II 530-552-3664  



Link: Building Division Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Akers, Larry Building Inspector III - EH* 530-353-1816  
Moreno Sanchez, Erika Permit Technician l 530-552-3692  
DeBrunner, Jordan Building Plans Examiner 530-552-3647  
Gomez, Carrie Permit Technician II 530-552-3646  
Hennings, Dustin Permit Center Supervisor 530-552-3648  
Moreno-Sanchez, Erika Permit Technician l 530-552-3652  
Kingsley, Adam Assistant Building Official 530-552-3658  
Main, Michael Plan Check Engineer 530-552-3655  
Nelson, Sonia Rebuild Advocate 530-552-3649  
Peterson, Adrien Permit Technician II 530-552-3645  
Pratt, Richard Building Inspector III 530-990-4176  
Roberts, Chris Building Inspector l TERM 530-455-9223  
Ruvalcaba, Efrain Building Division Manager (CBO) 530-552-3651  
Smith, Rand Building Inspector l TERM 530-282-2033  
Townsend, Woody Building Inspector III 530-854-0305  
Wright, Stephanie Permit Technician II 530-552-3654  
Young, Scott Building Inspector l 530-353-0850  


Link: Code Enforcement Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bell, Caty Code Enforcement Officer II 530-455-1706  
Chen, Eric Code Enforcement Officer II 530-712-1344  
Fuchs, Matt Code Enforcement Officer II - EH* 530-693-7631  
Kingsley, Cortney Office Assistant I - EH* 530-552-3636  
Jellison, Chris Code Enforcement Division Manager 530-552-3640 530-693-6042
Laugenour, Debbie Senior Legal Office Assistant 530-552-3639  
Snyder, Rachel Code Enforcement Officer I TERM 530-854-0052  
Preader, Phil Code Enforcement Officer II 530-353-0544  
Sandoval, Ben Code Enforcement Supervisor 530-712-1385  
Warnock, Cooper Code Enforcement Officer II TERM 530-353-0409  
Weber, Ted Code Enforcement Officer II - EH* 530-353-1818  
Williams, Shawn Code Enforcement Officer II 530-353-0690  
Hammond, Titus Code Enforcement Officer I TERM 530-552-3702  
Dockendorf, Brayden Code Enforcement Officer I TERM 530-552-3834  


7 County Center Drive
Oroville, CA 95965


Link: Planning Division Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Breedon, Dan Planning Division Manager 530-552-3682  
Forde, Austin Assistant Planner 530-552-3686  
White, Tristan Assistant Planner 530-552-3687  
Hickel, Rowland Senior Planner, Butte County 530-552-3684  
Michelena, Mark Principal Planner 530-552-3683