Employment and Social Services

Our Mission:  "We administer employment and social services, preserving the dignity of children, families and adults."

Our Vision:  "Partnering for a safe, healthy, and self-reliant community."

Public Administrator

The Public Administrator is responsible for administering the estates of those who die in Butte County who: 1) are residents of Butte County; 2) are without relatives in California; 3) with or without a will; 4) when the family is unable/unwilling to act as administrator; or 5) when appointed by the Court. The duties of the Public Administrator include protecting a decedent’s property from waste, loss or theft, making appropriate arrangements for burial; investigating to discover all of the decedents assets; locating those entitled to inherit from the estate and paying the decedents bills.

The Public Administrator also handles the County’s burial/cremation services for indigent decedents who are residents of Butte County at the time of death.

To contact the Public Administrator's office, call 530.538.7251.

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