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Our Mission:  "We administer employment and social services, preserving the dignity of children, families and adults."

Our Vision:  "Partnering for a safe, healthy, and self-reliant community."

Children's Services Division

Call: 1.800.400.0902 to Report Abuse (24-hour response)

Children's Services Division (CSD) believes that children should remain safely at home whenever possible. However, when that is not possible CSD provides preventative and intervention services to families with children of Butte County who have been, or are at risk of becoming victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. It is the goal of Children's Services Division to unite with families to build a safe and healthy future.

Suspected Child Abuse Report Form

Services and Programs

Child Welfare Services

Preventative Services

  • Early Intervention (EI)
    EI provides home-base education and referrals drawing from natural and community based supports with the goal of improving child safety and welfare in Butte County. EI also provides ongoing case management by actively collaborating with families and community services.

Responses to Allegations of Child Abuse or Neglect

When a referral is received, Children's Services Division (CSD) intake staff obtains facts from the person making the referral to determine if the referral alleges abuse, neglect, or exploitation. CSD workers use an assessment tool to aid in this determination.

  • Emergency Response
    Emergency Response provides investigation of allegations of child abuse or neglect. Call: 1.800.400.0902 or 530.538.7617 to report abuse or neglect (24-hour response)    

Ongoing Child Welfare Case Management Service

  • Family Maintenance
    Family Maintenance provides services designed to promote a safe and stable home environment, enabling children to remain in their own home. Services include parent education, counseling, life skills and substance abuse treatment.
  • Family Reunification
    Family Reunification services provide assistance to those families whose children are in out-of-home care. Services assist the parent(s) in meeting the court's requirements for the return of a child to the parent's custody. Parent education, counseling, help with domestic abuse and substance abuse treatment are among the many services available.
  • Permanency Planning
    Permanency Planning provides children, who are dependents of the court, with a permanent placement plan in the event family reunification or maintenance are not successful. These can include plans of adoption, relative placement, guardianship and long-term foster care.

Parent and Guardian Information and Resources

The following information packets and binders are available to parents and guardians working with Children's Services.  For a hard copy, please ask your social worker.

You can also find this information on the dedicated Parent and Guardian Information and Resources Page.  To access this page click the link above.

Parent Information Folder

A Parent's Guide to the Child Welfare System

Your Rights Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act - English

Your Rights Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act- Hmong

 Your Rights Under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act- Spanish

Publication 13 - Your Rights Under California Welfare Programs - English

Publication 13 - Your Rights Under California Welfare Programs-Hmong

Publication 13 - Your Rights Under California Welfare Programs - Spanish

The Dependency Court: How it Works

What Happens If Your Child is Taken From Your Home

Chico Court House Flyer

Parent/Guardian Income Information

Family History Inventory

Primary Language Designation Form

Indian Ancestry Questionnaire Cover Letter

Indian Ancestry Questionnaire

Questionnaire for Potential Relative Caregivers

Child and Family Team Process

A Child and Family Team (CFT) is a team of people who work together with the family to achieve goals for positive change and improving child safety, permanency and well-being. Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTM) are meetings that are held for families, their support people, services providers, and Children’s Services Division staff. The purpose of the CFT Meeting is to identify case planning and safety goals and services, strengths and protective capacity of parents so that they are able to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children of their children. If you are a member of a Child and Family Team (CFT) and would like to request a Child and Family Team Meeting (CFTM), please use the below link to use the a request form.


The Child and Family Team Meeting Request Form

Please complete the above form in its entirety and click the submit button. 

Mandated Reporter Information

The free training has seven modules, ranging from two to four hours in length. In addition to a general module for all mandated reporters, there are six profession-specific modules for clergy, school personnel, child care providers, law enforcement, mental health professionals/social workers, and medical professionals.


You can find the FREE Mandated Reporter trainings HERE


Adoption is the permanent, legal transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from a child’s birth parents to adoptive parents. The Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services, Adoption Services Unit, offers adoption services and is able to facilitate adoptions of children in foster care. For additional information about adoptions, who can adopt, and post-adoption assistance, visit the adoption page.

Foster Care


Resource Family Approval (formerly Foster Care Licensing)

The Resource Family Approval (RFA) Program approves Resource Families to provide placement for children, youth, and young adults (non-minor dependents from 18-21 years old) who are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, or otherwise in the care of a county child welfare agency or probation department. Resource Families can provide care to related or unrelated children. The RFA Program also allows for emergency placements with relatives and non-related extended family members.

Options for Recovery


After 18


Presumptive Transfer (AB1299)

To provide children and youth in foster care, who are placed out of county of original jurisdiction access to Specialty Mental Health Services in a timely manner a prompt transfer of the responsibility for the provision of, or arranging of payment for services from the county of original jurisdiction to the county in which the foster child resides please contact:

Sarah MacArthur
Health and Human Services Program Analyst, Senior


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