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Amendments to the General Plan Agriculture Element, Zoning Ordinance, and Protection of Agricultural Land.


On January 27, 2015, the Butte County Board of Supervisors adopted amendments to the Agriculture Element of the Butte County General Plan, the Butte County Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 24 of Butte County Code)  and the Butte County "Right to Farm Ordinance" (Chapter 35 of Butte County Code  - Protection of Agricultural Land).

Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance

A summary of the adopted changes are as follows:

  1. Article 2. Interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance. Section 24-8. Rules of Interpretation. An allowance to provide zoning consistency for aliquot parts of an irregular section of land under the public land survey system.
  2. Article 4. Agriculture Zones. Section 24-14. Development Standards for Agricultural Zones. New Section G.  Agricultural Worker Housing Center. Provisions for Agricultural Worker Housing and related definition contained in Article 42. Glossary.
  3. Article 6. Residential Zones. Section 24-18. H. Medium Density Residential (MDR). The removal of the allowance of duplex units from the Medium Density Residential zone.
  4. Article 6. Residential Zones. Table 24-20-2. Setback and Height Standards for Residential Zones. Provisions for a setback in residential zones from interim agricultural uses (orchards and vineyards).
  5. Article 6. Residential Zones; Article 7. Commercial and Mixed Use Zones; and, Article 8. Industrial Zones (Use Regulation Tables 24‐19‐1, 24‐22‐1, 24‐26‐1). Provisions for animal grazing and crop cultivation in residential, commercial and industrial zones on parcels 1‐acre or more in size. The provision would also allow for private stables in the Low Density Residential Zone (LDR), Medium Density Residential (MDR), Medium High Density Residential (MHDR), High Density Residential (HDR), and Very High Density Residential (VHDR) zones subject to a minor use permit on parcels of 4 acres or larger in size.
  6. Article 7. Commercial and Mixed Use Zones. Section 24‐22‐1. Provisions for small‐scale slaughtering accessory to a retail butcher shop or similar use in the General Commercial (GC), Community Commercial (CC) and Mixed‐Use (MU) zones, and related new definition for Animal Processing, Limited in Article 42. Glossary.
  7. Article 12. Setback Requirements and Exceptions. New Section 24‐56.1. Residential Setback from Orchards and Vineyards. Provisions for a setback in residential zones from interim agricultural uses (orchards and vineyards).
  8. Article 20. Signs. Provisions for the consideration of digital billboard signs through a minor use permit process.
  9. Article 25. Supplemental Use Regulations. Section 24‐158. Animal Keeping. Provisions to keep and maintain livestock in higher density residential zones when parcels are 1‐acre or greater in size, and for the keeping of hens and roosters in higher density residential zones.
  10. Article 25. Supplemental Use Regulations. Section 24‐162. Home Occupations. Limitation on use and storage of hazardous materials in conjunction with home occupations (home businesses).
  11. Article 41. Lot Line Adjustments. Section 24‐302.B. Findings. Amendments concerning lot line adjustments to ensure that a lot line adjustment does not allow for the creation of additional parcels at the expense of creating a non‐conforming parcel.
  12. Article 42. Glossary. Amendments to the definition of “Family” to remove limitation of six or fewer individuals in compliance with the Housing Element of the Butte County General Plan.
  13. Other amendments of a minor nature relating to corrections and clarifications. Article 26. Section 24‐183 C. 1. Monopoles or Towers, removing redundant statement concerning height limitations; revised definition under Article 47. Glossary. Parks and Recreation Facilities, to allow non‐profit organizations to operate parks and recreation facilities; and revised cross‐reference for the definition of Slaughterhouse (from Intensive Animal Operation to Animal Processing).

EIR Addendum for Draft General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Amendments

An EIR Addendum was prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the CEQA Guidelines.   This document has been prepared to serve as an Addendum to the previously certified General Plan Environmental Impact Report (General Plan EIR, State Clearinghouse Number 2008092062) and Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (GPA and Zoning Ordinance EIR, State Clearinghouse Number 2012022059) for the Butte County General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.  A link to the EIR Addendum is provided below:

Draft Amendments to Butte County Code Chapter 35, Protection of Agricultural Land (Right-to-Farm Statement)

These Amendments are directed by the General Plan Amendment (shown above) and apply the Right-to-Farm statement to interim agricultural uses in non-agricultural zones (residential, commercial and industrial zones).  These amendments  have been determined to be Categorically Exempt from the California Environmental Quality act under CEQA Guidelines Section 15060 (c) (2) and 15061 (b) (3).

Planning Commission Public Hearings

The County initiated amendments and ordinances were presented to the Butte County Planning Commission at a noticed public hearing on October 20, and November 13, 2014. The amendments and ordinances will again be considered at a continued public hearing on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 10:00 am, in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at 25 County Center Drive in Oroville, CA 95965.

Questions, Comments and Additional Information 

Questions and comments may be directed to Dan Breedon, Principal Planner, Butte County Department of Development Services at or 530.538.7629.

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