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If you are looking to create jobs, talk with us. We process Building Permits including Plan Review, Inspections and coordination with other agencies to issue Permits. We process Development Applications including environmental review, provide zoning information and support long-range planning through the County’s General Plan. Code Enforcement responds to Building, Land Use, Abandoned Vehicles, Noise, Nuisance Abatement and the County’s Restrictions on Cultivation of Medical Marijuana Ordinance complaints.

Notable Projects

This page provides links to major advance and current planning projects being undertaken by the Department of Development Services:

Active Projects

Draft Accessory Dwelling Unit and Second Unit Ordinances - October 22, 2020 Planning Commission Hearing

State legislation that became effective on January 1, 2020 made extensive changes to the regulation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior ADUs throughout the State of California in order to address the State’s housing crises. Sections of the County’s Zoning Ordinance, primarily section 24-172 pertaining to second units and accessory dwelling units are being repealed and replaced to comply with State law. A new section is being added, Section 24-172.2, to separately regulate second units within the County. Major changes under the State’s legislation allows up to three housing units per parcel, a reduction in side and rear yard property line setbacks to no less than 4 feet, the removal of any requirement for owner occupancy of any units, elimination of impact fees for units less than 750 square feet, and the allowance of Junior ADUs up to 500 square feet in size among other changes. Butte County is regulated under the State’s legislation until adoption of the County's Draft Ordinances.  Both of the following ordinances are in DRAFT form and have not been adopted. 


Creekside Estates Tentative Subdivision Map - An application for a Tentative Subdivision Map to divide a 49.4 acre parcel into 47 residential lots was submitted to the Department of Development Services on February 7, 2018.  The subject property is located on the south side of Durham-Dayton Highway across the street from Van Ness Way (2243 Durham Dayton Highway).  If you have any questions, please contact Senior Planner Mark Michelena via email or by phone at 530.552.3683.

Community Choice Aggregation – Butte County is currently researching whether Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) could be an option for customers within the city and unincorporated areas of the County. CCA is a program that allows cities, counties and other qualifying governmental entities to purchase and/or generate electricity for their residents and businesses.  If a local CCA is formed, it would purchase and/or generate electricity for customers and PG&E would continue to deliver the electricity through its transmission and distribution system and provide meter reading, billing, and maintenance services for CCA customers. Learn more about a CCA in Butte County at   

Completed Projects

Short-Term Rental Ordinance (March 26, 2019) - The Board of Supervisors approved the Short-Term Rental Ordinance (Ordinance 4159).  A short-term rental as defined under this Ordinance is a single-family dwelling, or a portion of a single-family dwelling, rented out to transient guest occupants for periods of 30 days or less.  The purpose of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance is to ensure that: 1) Short-term rentals are compatible with and do not adversely impact surrounding residential uses, 2) Property owners have the option to utilize their properties for short term rental use, 3) Risks to public safety and health to occupants and owners are minimized, 4) Property values are maintained, 5) Visitation and tourism to Butte County is supported, and, 6) Transient occupancy tax is collected in order to provide fair and equitable tax collection for all lodging providers.  The Department of Development Services maintains a web-page concerning Short-Term Rentals here.

Butte Creek Canyon Overlay Zone (April 24, 2018) - The Board of Supervisors approved the Butte Creek Canyon Overlay Zone (Ordinance No. 4144).  The Butte Creek Canyon Overlay zone applies a new overlay zone designation to the Butte County Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. The Overlay was developed under direction of General Plan Conservation and Open Space Element Action Item COS-A6.2. This concluded a 5+ year community-driven process in developing an overlay zone for the Butte Creek Canyon area in support of General Plan Conservation and Open Space Element Action COS-A6.2.  If you have any questions, please contact Principal Planner Dan Breedon via email or by phone at (530) 553-3682.

PowerButte Utility-Scale Solar Guide (September 26, 2017) - The Butte County  Board of Supervisors approved the Butte Utility-Scale Solar Guide on September 26, 2017 on a 5-0 vote.  The Butte Utility-Scale Solar Guide is a component of the PowerButte initiative and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about utility-scale solar facilities within unincorporated Butte County, including landowners, developers, community members, and decision-makers. If you have any questions, please contact Principal Planner Dan Breedon via email or by phone at (530) 553-3682.

Durham Villas Planned Development (Withdrawn April 19, 2017) - applications for a Rezone to Planned Development and a Tentative Subdivision Map were submitted to to the Butte County Department of Development Services on January 7, 2010.  Applications for this project were withdrawn in April 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact Senior Planner Mark Michelena via email or phone at (530) 552-3683.

Adopted Amendments to General Plan Agricultural Element Policy AG-P5.3 and Related Zoning Ordinance Amendments (January 12, 2016) - The Board of Supervisors adopted amendments to Butte County General Plan 2030 and related amendments to the Zoning Ordinance (Section 24-56.1) regarding agricultural uses in non-agricultural zones. These amendments continue to apply the County’s 300-foot agricultural buffer requirement to all lands zoned Agriculture and other zones within 300 feet of the boundary of Agriculture zones.  The amendments require the maximum practicable setback in residential zones from lands that are used for orchards or vineyards. The amendments also allow animal grazing and crop cultivation as an interim use on parcels at least 1-acre in size in all residential, commercial, and industrial zones.  If you have any questions, please contact Principal Planner Dan Breedon via email or by phone at (530) 553-3682.

Whisper Ridge Golf Resort at Lake Oroville (April 23, 2013) - The Whisper Ridge Golf Resort at Lake Oroville project was approved by the Butte County Board of Supervisors on April 23, 2013. Approval included a Rezone to Recreation Commercial Overlay, with a Conditional Zoning Agreement; a Conditional Use Permit for the golf course, hotel and wellness center; and two Lot Line Adjustment applications. In its action on the project, the Board of Supervisors certified a Final Environmental Impact Report consistent with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. Minor revisions to the project site design were approved by the Zoning Administrator on August 14, 2013.




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