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If you are looking to create jobs, talk with us. We process Building Permits including Plan Review, Inspections and coordination with other agencies to issue Permits. We process Development Applications including environmental review, provide zoning information and support long-range planning through the County’s General Plan. Code Enforcement responds to Building, Land Use, Abandoned Vehicles, Noise, Nuisance Abatement and the County’s Restrictions on Cultivation of Medical Marijuana Ordinance complaints.

Our Staff

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Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone
Paula Daneluk Director 530.552.3656 
Curtis Johnson Assistant Director 530.552.3644
Kenneth Colwell Administrative Services Manager 530.552.3660
Deborah DeBrunner
Senior Administrative Analyst 530.552.3661  
Jennifier Wakefield Administrative Analyst l 530.552.3662
Kao Vang Administrative Assistant    530.552.3664
Patrick Miner Information Systems Manager                530.552.3669
VACANT Information Systems Analyst TERM      
VACANT          Information Technology Specialist                530.552.3666  
Sarah Ensley DDS Moderator - EH* 530.552.3670    
Oscar Medina DDS Moderator - EH* 530.552.3671     
Building Division
Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone
Efrain Ruvalcaba Building Division Manager (CBO) 530.552.3651
Adam Kingsley Assistant Building Official
Larry Akers Building Inspector lll - EH*
Scott Young Building Inspector l 530.353.0850
Chris Roberts Building Inspector l TERM

Richard Pratt Building Inspector lll
Woody Townsend Building Inspector lll   530.552.3533  
Rand Smith Building Inspector  l TERM  530.552.3700    
Philo Hunt, P.E. Plan Check Engineer 530.552.3650
Michael Main  Plan Check Engineer 530.552.3655    
VACANT Building Inspector Supervisor

Adrien Peterson Permit Technician ll 530.552.3645    
Jordan DeBrunner Building Plans Examiner 530.552.3647
VACANT  Building Plans Examiner TERM 530.552.3700    
Carrie Gomez Permit Technician ll 530.552.3646
Dustin Hennings Permit Center Supervisor 530.552.3648
Sonia Nelson Rebuild Advocate 530.552.3649
Ruth Jones Permit Technician l         530.552.3652
Hannah Anderson Permit Technician l TERM 530.552.3653    
Stephanie Wright Permit Technician ll 530.552.3654    
VACANT     Permit Technician - EH*  530.552.3700     
VACANT Permit Technician - EH* 530.552.3700    
Code Enforcement Division
Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone
Chris Jellison Code Enforcement Division Manager 530.552.3640 530.693.6042
Ben Sandoval Code Enforcement Supervisor   530.712.1385   
Phil Preader Code Enforcement Officer ll
VACANT Code Enforcement Officer     530.693.6041
Caty Bell Code Enforcement Officer ll   530.455.1706
Shawn Williams Code Enforcement Officer ll
VACANT Code Enforcement Officer   530.552.3702  
Eric Chen  Code Enforcement Officer ll
Matt Fuchs Code Enforcement Officer ll - EH*   530.693.7631  
VACANT Code Enforcement Officer - EH*
Ted Weber Code Enforcement Officer ll - EH*  530.353.1818  
Cooper Warnock Code Enforcement Officer ll TERM


VACANT Code Enforcement Officer TERM
Emma Ziebarth Code Enforcement Officer ll TERM 530.552.3702    
Travis Lawler Code Enforcement Officer ll TERM 530.552.3702    
Debbie Laugenour  Senior Legal Office Assistant 530.552.3639     
Caitlin Hart Office Assistant - EH* 530.552.3637    
VACANT Code Enforcement Officer TERM 530.552.3702     
VACANT Code Enforcement Officer TERM 530.552.3702    
Planning Division
Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone
Dan Breedon, AICP   Planning Division Manager 530.552.3682 
VACANT Associate Planner 530.552.3687
Austin Forde Assistant Planner 530.552.3686
Mark Michelena Senior Planner 530.552.3683
Rowland Hickel Senior Planner 530.552.3684
Tristan Weems Associate Planner 530.552.3685
Tiffany Gee Assistant Planner 530.552.3690    
VACANT Administrative Analyst l 530.552.3701     

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Development Services

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Development Services

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