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If you are looking to create jobs, talk with us. We process Building Permits including Plan Review, Inspections and coordination with other agencies to issue Permits. We process Development Applications including environmental review, provide zoning information and support long-range planning through the County’s General Plan. Code Enforcement responds to Building, Land Use, Abandoned Vehicles, Noise, Nuisance Abatement and the County’s Restrictions on Cultivation of Medical Marijuana Ordinance complaints.

Building Forms

September 1, 2017
New Master Fee Schedule - effective 9/1/2017

Informational Forms
Form # Form Name Date Revised File Type
INF-3 Who Can Apply and Sign for Permits 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-6 Request for Copies 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-8 Master Plans 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-9 Instructions For Recording Agricultural Statement of Acknowledgement
5.1.2017 .pdf
INF-10 Address Phone Listings for Local Agencies 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-11 Building Permit Expiration Information 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-12 Accessory Use Matrix 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-14 New Energy Code Regulations 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-17 2011 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Regs 3.7.2014 .pdf
INF-18 Letter of Authorization 8.22.2014 .pdf
INF-20 Fast Track Thursday 8.31.2015 .pdf
INF-21 Request for Public Records 10.12.2016 .pdf
Permit Center Forms
Form # Form Name Date Revised File Type
DBP-01 Building Permit Application Form 3.4.2014 .pdf
DBP-02 Site Plan Submittal Requirements 3.7.2014
DBP-03 Site Plan Paper 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-05 Expedited Plan Review Request 3.6.2014
DBP-06 Plan Change Form 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-07 Affidavit Requesting Duplicate Plans 3.6.2014
DBP-08 Fee Estimate Worksheet Residential 3.6.2014
DBP-09 Foundation Only Permit Declaration 3.6.2014  .pdf
DBP-10 Fee Estimate Worksheet for Manufactured Home Installation 3.6.2014
DBP-11 Fee Estimate Worksheet for LTD Agricultural Buildings 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-12 Fee Estimate Worksheet for Commercial 3.6.2014
DBP-13 Fee Estimate Worksheet for Residential Accessory Structures 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-14 Scope of Work 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-15 Fee Estimate Worksheet for Addition/Remodel/Conversion 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-17 LPG Tanks and Gas Line Questionaire 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-18 Electrical Service Questionaire 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-20 Work Exempt From Building Permits 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-21 Check Permit Status Online 3.6.2014 .pdf
DBP-31 Single Family or Second Dwelling Application 3.6.2014
DBP-35 Additions to Dwellings 3.7.2014
DBP-36 Garage/Shop/Stg 3.7.2014
DBP-37 Garage/Shop/Stg Conversion 3.7.2014
DBP-38 Carport Requirements 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-40 Owner Builder Protection 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-41 Owner Builder What You Should Know 3.7.2014 .doc
DBP-42 Owner Builder Notice CA Health & Safety Code 19825 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-43 Owner Builder Notice to Property Owner 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-44 Owner Builder Info Reqd on App and Bldg Permit 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-45 Owner Builder Guide 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-46 Owner Builder Reroof Permit Notice 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-47 Letter of Authorization ‐ Corporations
6.9.2014 .pdf
DBP-51 Manufactured Home Installation 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-52 Manufactured Home Support Data 3.7.2014 .doc
DBP-53 HCD WUI Requirements updated 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-54 Mobile/Manufactured Home Dates 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-55 Mobile/Manufactured Home Utilities 3.12.2014 .pdf
DBP-58 Existing Mobile/Manufactured Home on Permanent Foundation 3.7.2014
DBP-59 Mobile/Manufactured Home Checklist 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-61 Limited Ag Requirements 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-62 Owner Declaration for Limited Ag 3.7.2014 .pdf
DBP-66 Pools Anti-Entrapment Certification Form 3.7.2014
DBP-68 Windmill Permit Requirements 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-69 Solar Inspection Guidelines 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-70 Ground Mounted Solar System 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-71 Residential Roof Mount Solar System 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-72 Job Site Requirements for Online Roof Mount Solar 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-73 Commercial Roof Mount Photovoltaic System 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-74 Sample Solar Roof Mount Layout 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-75 Sample Solar Electrical Diagram 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-76 Co-Locate Antenna 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-77 Signs Billboard & Pole 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-80 As Built Handout 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-81 As Built Permit Requirements 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-82 Move In House 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-83 Asbestos Notification Statement 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-91 Commercial Application Requirements 3.7.2014  .pdf
DBP-101 Addressing 3.7.2014  .pdf
Plan Check Forms
Form # Form Name Date Revised File Type
DPC-1 Accessibility Upgrade Worksheet 4.4.2017 .pdf
DPC-2 CalGreen Water Reduction Chart 4.4.2017 .pdf
DPC-4 Flood Plain Declaration Form 4.4.2017
DPC-5 Building Design Criteria 4.4.2017
DPC-10 Residential Fixture Flow Reduction Chart 4.4.2017 .pdf
DPC-12 Section A4.602 Residential Occupancies Application Checklist 4.4.2017 .pdf
DPC-15 Chapter 8 - Compliance Forms and Worksheets 4.4.2017 .pdf
DPC-20 Approved Special Inspectors Contact List 4.4.2017 .pdf
DPC-25 Alternate Materials, Design and Methods of Construction Request 4.4.2017 .pdf
Building Inspection Forms
Form # Form Name Date Revised File Type
DBI-1 Declaration for Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors 3.4.2014 .pdf

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October 25, 2017
Fire Assistance Center Information

September 1, 2017
New Master Fee Schedule - effective 9/1/2017

August 3, 2017
Butte Utility Scale Solar Guide - To be reviewed by the Planning Commission
August 10, 2017 @ 9:00 am, 25 County Center Drive, Oroville

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