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The Butte County District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation is the law enforcement arm of the District Attorney's Office. Established in the early 1970's, the Bureau now consists of two main divisions, the Criminal Division and the Public Assistance Division. The Criminal Division is comprised of the Major Crimes Unit , Consumer Protection Unit and the Special Victims Unit. The Public Assistance Division is comprised of the Welfare Fraud Unit ,  IHSS Unit and the Child Support Investigation Unit.

Currently, the Bureau consists of eighteen (18) District Attorney Investigator positions and seven (7) support staff positions. All District Attorney Investigators are sworn Peace Officers under section 830.1 of the California Penal Code, with full powers of arrest.

The Bureau is unique for its proactive approach in fulfilling its mission. Investigators assigned to the Bureau have primary investigative responsibility in many areas of crime including: in-family child abuse occurring within the unincorporated areas of Butte county, insurance fraud, welfare fraud, criminal non-support of children, bad checks, and economic crimes. In support of our mission to assist the Deputy District Attorneys, the Bureau has Investigators dedicated to trial support, homicide and domestic violence. The Bureau also deploys its Hazardous Entry and Arrest Team ("H.E.A.T.") to assist both our Investigators and other local law enforcement agencies with tactical operations and high risk enforcement activities.


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