The mission of the Chief Administrative Office (CAO) is to provide leadership and guidance to the County in implementing the policies of the Board of Supervisors, while maintaining and improving the effective operations and fiscal integrity of the County.
Grand Jury

Butte County is required by law to impanel a grand jury to serve for a term of one year. The number of impanels on this jury is 19. This body is mandated to investigate and report on both criminal and civil matters within the county. 

The major functions of a grand jury are divided into criminal indictments and civil investigations. While both functions are executed by the same panel in Butte County, the civil investigation portion requires the majority of time.

The civil, or "watchdog" responsibilities of the grand jury include the examination of all aspects of county government, including cities and special districts, to ensure the county is being governed honestly and efficiently and county monies are being handled appropriately. The grand jury is mandated by law to inquire into the conditions and management of public jails.

Investigations may be conducted on public agencies, the administration and affairs of any city within the county, or to examine books and records of redevelopment agencies. It is also appropriate for any private citizen, county official or county employee to present a written complaint to a grand jury for investigation.

During its term, the grand jury may select the government affairs which it wishes to investigate. These investigations are conducted by grand jury committees in cooperation with the departments and agencies of the county. Committees may ask for support and advice from Superior Court, District Attorney's office, County Counsel or outside consultants.

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On the last day of the year of service, the grand jury is required by law to submit all final reports to the presiding judge of the Superior Court. These reports, with appropriate recommendations, include all studies and investigations conducted by the jury during its term. Each county entity investigated receives a copy of its individual report with a stipulation that response to findings/recommendations be made by the responsible governing body within 90 days.

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