What does my annual tax bill tell me?

The annual tax bill identifies the following:

  • The owner of record as of January 1.
  • The property location and description.
  • The assessed value of the property.
  • The amount and type of exemption, if applicable.
  • The amount of taxes due on the first and second installments, as well as the total taxes due.
  • A breakdown of the types of taxes being collected, including the general tax levy (the constitutional 1% levy), locally voted special taxes, and city or district direct assessments.
  • If your bill carries the legend "Defaulted Taxes", this is an indication that there are prior-year delinquent taxes, which are not included in your bill. Contact the Tax Collector to determine what is delinquent at 530-538-7701.

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6. What does my annual tax bill tell me?
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