Does El Medio have the authority to write checks? Are they being audited?

Butte County Auditor-Controller, Graciela Gutierrez, revoked her check signing authority in December of 2021 when El Medio remained closed after one year. By revoking her authority, El Medio staff are no longer allowed to write their own checks. Her authority was revoked in an attempt to strengthen internal control weaknesses and provide support. Butte County Auditor-Controller requires the District to take the following corrective actions to qualify for the delegation of check writing authority:

  • Visit their website for more information on the citizens' oversight committee, agenda items and more
  • Board meetings are held at El Medio Fire Protection District
  • Provide the District's legally required annual report per Government Code Section 50075.3 and place the same on the District's website for public access
  • Implement internal controls for District payment requests to ensure accuracy of payments
  • Otherwise come into compliance with applicable law

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