Is El Medio in compliance with what the citizens voted for?

They are, in part, compliant. However, per the ballot that was approved by the voters, the special tax is deposited into an account held by Butte County Treasury "in accordance with Government Code Section 50075.1, and shall be expended according to a plan developed annually by the District staff and approved and adopted by the District's Board of Directors. A citizens' oversight committee appointed by the Board will review and report on the expenditure of tax revenues."

  • Government Code 50075.1(d) requires an annual report pursuant to Section 50075.3. A request to receive a copy of this report was made by the Butte County Auditor-Controller, however the report has not been delivered
  • A citizens' oversight committee has not been appointed by the Board
  • All expenses are currently paid by staff of the Auditor-Controller and those payments are deducted from El Medio's account held by Butte County Treasury. Once the El Medio Board approves an expense, they submit a request for payment to the Auditor-Controller's office. Auditor-Controller staff then closely reviews each request prior to issuing payment

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