What can you do if smoke comes into your unit?

If your building has a no-smoking policy:

  • Ask your building manager to make sure the rules are followed/enforced
  • Ask for "No Smoking" signs to be posted where everyone can see them

If smoking is allowed in your building, you can:

  • Consider talking to the person smoking; ask politely if he or she would smoke outside away from the building
  • Ask your building manager about making your building smoke-free

Building owners have the right to make their building smoke-free. Many state and local governments have resources to help owners or managers make their building smoke-free. Units can also be made nonsmoking as they become vacant or when the lease is renewed.

A smoke free policy can:

  • Protect health
  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Lower upkeep and cleaning costs
  • Reduce insurance rates

Talk with your neighbors:

  • Ask if smoke is getting into other homes too - ask if they have health problems made worse by secondhand smoke
  • Ask them to help you make where you live smoke-free
  • Together, have a meeting with your building owner or manager
  • The more people who ask for a change, the more likely it will happen

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