How to protect your child from lead?
  • Hand washing often- before eating, after play, before nap and at bedtime
  • House cleaning- wet mop floors, wet wipe windowsills, vacuum, wash toys and blankets
  • Do not let children chew on painted surfaces or eat paint chips
  • Make sure cribs, playpens, beds, and high chairs are away from damaged paint
  • Do not use imported, older, or handmade dishes or pots for food or drink unless tested and they do not contain lead
  • Be sure that products you bring home do not have lead in them
  • Cover bare dirt outside the home with plants, concrete, bark, or gravel
  • Don't bring lead dust home from work or a hobby
  • Take off shoes or wipe them on a doormat before going inside
  • Never sand, dry scrape, power wash, or sandblast paint
  • Feed your child healthy foods and snacks

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