What is the current SFWPA water bill for those already hooked up to the SFWPA water system?

The majority of Palermo accounts would pay the SFWPA residential monthly water service charge for a three-quarter-inch meter plus pay $0.42 per billing unit of water used. The 2021 monthly service charge is $19.00 per month. The billing unit is one CCF (one hundred cubic foot) which is equivalent to 748 gallons of water. The current average monthly water bill for Palermo customers already connected to the SFWPA system is approximately $35 per month based on 2021 water rates and average monthly water use of 36 CCF. Future water charges will be based on SFWPA-adopted water rates and customer water usage.

SFWPA is focusing on four key strategic initiatives for 2022. These include 1) Water System Efficiency, 2) Water Supply Reliability, 3) Sustainable Infrastructure and 4) Update Utility Rate Planning. This focused effort will help the SFWPA balance infrastructure and regulatory needs in support of its Mission Statement to deliver a dependable supply of safe, quality drinking water to its current and future customers.

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9. What is the current SFWPA water bill for those already hooked up to the SFWPA water system?
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