What is Live Scan?

The Butte County Sheriff's Office offers Live Scan fingerprinting services to the public for the purposes of pre-employment. Live Scan has the ability to digitally transmit your fingerprints to the California State Department of Justice. You may also have your fingerprints produced on a hard copy, which you or your employer can mail to the necessary agency.

When an applicant wishes to use the Live Scan service, he or she will need to provide a current and valid California Driver's License or California Identification Card. Also accepted are passports, out-of-state driver licenses, military ID cards, and ID from the Mexican Consulate. The applicant must also produce a "Request for Live Scan Service" form. Live Scan forms are provided by the requesting agency; the Sheriff's Office does not provide Live Scan forms.

The Live Scan operator will enter information from the submission form and digitally capture the fingerprint images. The captured information is immediately transmitted to the Department of Justice.

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1. What is Live Scan?
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