If I am the successful bidder, how can I hold title (vesting)?

The vesting on the tax deed will be as listed on the Deed Information form you will complete as a successful bidder. We cannot advise you in this area, but some of the most common ways in which property is vested are listed below. You may wish to consult an attorney. If you would like the property to be deeded to a trust, you will need to supply the name, date and trustees of the trust.

  • A Single Man
  • A Single Woman
  • An Unmarried Man
  • An Unmarried Woman
  • A Married Man
  • A Married Woman
  • A Widower (Man)
  • A Widow (Woman)
  • Husband and Wife as Joint Tenants
  • Tenants in Common
  • A Married Man as His Sole and Separate Property
  • A Married Woman as Her Sole and Separate Property
  • A Corporation
  • A Public Agency

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15. If I am the successful bidder, how can I hold title (vesting)?
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