What does a chaplain do?
  • Assistance to families in the event an officer is killed or injured
  • Hospital calls and home visits to Sheriff's Office personal
  • Attend and participate in funerals of active, as well as retired members of the Sheriff's Office
  • Attend and offer invocations and benedictions at:
    • Academy graduations
    • Promotions
      Award ceremonies
    • Dinners
    • Memorial services
    • Social events, etc.
  • Regular visits with Sheriff's Office personnel in Sheriff's facilities
  • Counsel Sheriff's Office Personnel
  • Assist with Critical Incident Stress Debriefing after major incidents
  • Death notifications to families in our communities
  • Assist with attempted or actual suicides and hostage situations
  • Assist with search and rescue, child, and elder abuse
  • Assist with major traffic accidents involving serious injury or death
  • Special duties as assigned by the Sheriff or the Sheriff's designated representative

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1. How long is the Academy?
2. What does a chaplain do?
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4. Why is a background check necessary?
5. I have had one recently, do I have to have another background check?
6. If I have had previous training, do I have to go through the Academy?
7. What if I have to miss some of the classes?
8. What happens after the Academy?