Why were collection areas established?

In order for the County to have an effective program to manage waste and recycling programs and services, the County initiated a comprehensive study of services provided by the County's three waste and recycling collection companies already operating under one-year renewable permits. The study concluded that there was an opportunity for the County to require more accountability of the collection companies, more services to be provided, and to reduce the number of heavy collection trucks impacting roads and neighborhoods. A recommendation was presented to create three collection service areas in the unincorporated area of the County and to issue three franchises for waste and recycling services. The franchise service areas, also called collection areas were created based on the number of customers each collection company had at the time the franchise service study was completed. Waste Collection is subscription based and is not mandatory. Collection services available vary by geographical area and if you are located inside or outside a Recycling Zone. Visit the Find Waste Hauler page to search the map to see collection areas, find your hauler, and see if you property is in a recycling zone.

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1. Why were collection areas established?