What is a Recycling Zone?

There are six recycling zones throughout the unincorporated area of Butte County. Recycling Zones were created based on the density of residential dwellings (homes per mile) that is similar to incorporated cities. Higher density equates to greater collection efficiency allowing for additional collection programs like recycling and yard waste collection to be provided at a low cost. Recycling zones include the three-cart service (trash, recycling, yard waste). Visit the Find Waste Hauler page to search the map to see if your property is in a recycling zone.

  • Zone 1 (RZ1) - Durham
  • Zone 2 (RZ2) - Magalia
  • Zone 3 (RZ3) - South Oroville
  • Zone 4 (RZ4) - Thermalito
  • Zone 5 (RZ5) - Kelly Ridge
  • Zone 6 (RZ6) - Chico, sphere of influence

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1. What is a Recycling Zone?
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