What can I expect while being supervised?

Supervision of individuals on formal probation varies according to the crime and caseload they are placed on. Terms and Conditions of Probation are set by the Butte County Superior Court on a case-by-case basis and are enforced by the supervising Probation Officer. Terms and conditions can include: routine office appointments, searches, travel restrictions, regular drug and alcohol testing, treatment program enrollment, weapons restrictions, and electric monitoring.

The Probation Department informs the court of an individual’s progress or difficulties under supervision.

It is the policy of the Butte County Probation Department to respect the privacy rights of individuals. Probation Officers conduct searches in strict observance of the constitutional rights of persons being searched. All seizures by Butte County Probation comply with relevant federal and state law governing the seizure of persons and property.

Law enforcement officers are granted the authority to perform their function based on established legal authority. Probation does not tolerate abuse of law enforcement authority.

Probation Officers implement and enforce the Conditions of Probation ordered by the court. When an offender fails to abide by the court’s orders, the supervising Probation Officer is responsible for returning the case to the court for further sentencing, which can entail returning the probationer to secure custody in jail.

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