What is Full Service Partnership (FSP)?

A Full Service Partnership is “the collaborative relationship between the County and the client, and when appropriate the client’s family, through which the County plans for and provides the full spectrum of community services so that the client can achieve the identified goal." (California Code of Regulations, Title 9, Section 3200.130). In Butte County, there are currently two internal FSP programs. Support, Engagement, Advocacy, Recovery, Community and Housing (SEARCH) provides services for adults (ages 26 to 59 years) and older adults (ages 60+ years) while the Youth Intensive Program (YIP) provides services to transition age youth (ages 16 to 25 years) and children (ages 0 to 15 years).

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1. How is Full Service Partnership (FSP) monitored and funded?
2. What is Full Service Partnership (FSP)?