What are the parcel requirements to grow?
  1. You must have a permanent legal residence on the parcel.
  2. You must own the parcel or have notarized, written permission from the parcel owner to cultivate.
  3. You must have an approved water supply and sewage disposal system on the parcel.
  4. Your cultivation area must be placed on the parcel in such a way that it meets all setback requirements.
  5. The cultivation area must not be seen from any public right-of-way or adjacent parcels.

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1. What are the parcel requirements to grow?
2. What are the setback requirements?
3. Am I allowed to grow on more area or more plants if my doctor’s order is greater than the ordinance allows?
4. Is a greenhouse (with approved common materials) considered an indoor grow?
5. What are approved common materials for detached structures?
6. Who can make a complaint and is my information confidential?
7. Will I be fined if found in violation?
8. What is the enforcement procedures?
9. Is there a cultivation area maximum?
10. Is there a limit to the number of plants I can grow on my parcel?
11. Can more than one grower be on a parcel?
12. What if I split my large parcel into smaller parcels?
13. Can my indoor grow be in my residence?