Eviction Process Services

You can research more on the eviction process at the Self Help Section of the California Courts website.

Instruction for 3-Day, 30-Day or 60-Day Notice(s)

The service fee for the Notice is $40 and we need 2 copies of the service documents. If more than 1 named tenant please provide an additional copy for each additionally named tenants. One is for posting and one for mailing (if there is no answer). Please make your check out to Butte County Sheriff (or we accept cash, in person only).

If you serve a 3-Day at the same time as a 30-Day/60-Day it is $40 for each service for a total of $80 (and 2 copies of each document).

Letter of Instruction: We must have the Attorney or the Plaintiff, if not represented by an attorney, original "wet" signature on the Letter of Instruction. You may use our Letter of Instructions (LOI) for "General" Services (DOCX).

Once served on your tenant(s) we will generate a Proof of Service that we mail to your address provided. We send you a copy for your files as well as the copy you supply to the court if the tenants fail to vacate and you need to get a Summon and Complaint - Unlawful Detainer (UD).

Next, if you do require the Summons and Complaint UD documents to be served by the Sheriff's Office:

Instructions for Summons & Complaint UD & Evictions

You may use our Letter of Instructions (LOI) for "General" Services (DOCX).

The service fee for the Summons and Complain Unlawful Detainer is $40 per named person to be served and just one copy of the service documents for each named person. Please make your check out to Butte County Sheriff (or we accept cash, in person only). Please note that if you are serving more than 1 party this service can be sub-served. If you wish to allow for the subservice please include an additional set of service documents. (i.e. 2 named defendants + allow subservice = 3 sets of documents.)

If we will also be serving the Unnamed Occupant(s)/DOES it is $40 per service Unnamed Occupant(s)/DOES and we need at minimum, 3 copies of the service documents for the Unnamed Occupant(s). If you are aware of more than one unnamed occupant we require fees for "each" unnamed in order to generate the Proof of Service (POS) for each. If fees are not paid at the time of service request we will require the additional fees prior to providing the POS. If fees are provided and we are informed that there are no unnamed or only one unnamed the additional fees will be refunded.

If serving Unnamed Occupants you must also provide us with 3 copies of the Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession as well. Access the Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession (PDF) if you do not have the copies.

Instructions for Evictions

  • The fee for this service is $145, check (made payable to The Butte County Sheriff) or cash, (if delivering in person)
  • The LOI you submit must have an original signature of the Plaintiff/Landlord or Plaintiff's Attorney, if you have one
    • You may use our LOI for Eviction Service (PDF)
    • Please note if you have an electronic writ from the court you must use the form LOI for Eviction Service with Electronic Writ
  • For the Eviction Service we need the Original Writ of Execution (Possession) (Real Property) (Form EJ-130) and 2 copies along with the "LOI for Eviction" and the service fees
  • We must receive Eviction Service no later than 1 pm on Tuesdays for the eviction to take place the following Wednesday
  • The Plaintiff/Landlord or the designated Agent will be notified on the Tuesday prior to the lockout date of the scheduled time for the eviction
    • Note: For our deputy's safety, please do not discuss the scheduled eviction time with the tenants
  • You or your agent must be at the location of the eviction to provide entry and take possession; you may change the locks to prevent reentry by the defendants/tenants
  • The Sheriff does not remove personal property; a Restoration Notice with information regarding personal property left at the residence is provided at the time of eviction
  • Access the Writ of Execution Form (PDF) online