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The Butte County Public Health Department works strategically to prevent and respond to HIV / AIDS. California law requires healthcare providers to report by name suspected Acute HIV infections within 1 working day (by telephone) and to report cases of HIV infection and AIDS by name within 1 week to the local public health department. Prompt reporting assists to monitor trends in the HIV epidemic and ensuring prevention activities. For a complete list of reportable diseases and the reporting timeline requirements, please see Title 17: California Code of Regulations Reportable Diseases and Conditions (PDF).

California Data

View the HIV Surveillance Reports.

Provider Reporting Requirements

Submit the completed ACFR (Adult HIV / AIDS Case Report Form) via fax to Oroville at 530-538-5837. For questions about reporting, please call during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm excluding holidays) at 530-552-3929. For immediate reports after hours, please contact our exchange at 530-332-2462.

View the HIV/ AIDS Provider Case Report Form (PDF).