Property Taxes

The Property Tax Division is responsible for billing and collecting taxes assessed on real and personal property in Butte County (land, structures, manufactured homes, boats, airplanes, and businesses). After the Assessor has valued the property, and the Auditor has added direct charges and special assessments to each account, the Tax Division mails the bills and collects the payments. The division bills upwards of 110,000 property owners each year and processes nearly $220 million in tax payments. Approximately 22% of the property tax revenue collected is retained by the County to provide programs and services to the public. The rest is distributed to the other local entities that share property tax revenue - schools, redevelopment agencies, cities, and special districts.

Property Tax Auction Coming June 7, 2024!

Please visit the Property Tax Auctions or our Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information.  Please visit the Bid4Assets website, the host for the 2024 Butte County property tax auction.

Property Tax Relief Program

Are you a homeowner that is behind on your property taxes due to the pandemic? Click the link below for the Property Tax Relief Program. If you qualify, the California Housing Finance Agency can pay up to $80,000 of your delinquent property taxes!

Secured Property Taxes

It is time to pay the second installment of your 2023/24 secured property tax bill. The actual due date was February 1, 2024 but you have until April 10, 2024 to make your payment without penalties. There are several payment options available:

  • Pay online by credit card or e-check. Payments will be accepted until midnight on April 10.
  • Pay by check or cash in our Oroville office until 5:00 pm on April 10.
  • Mail your payment to our office postmarked on or before April 10.

We make every effort to mail a tax bill to property owners. You may obtain a copy of your 2023/24 secured tax bill online

Recent Updates to Property Status

The Assessor's Office is continuing to update property tax records to reflect title transfers that occurred. A duplicate billing may be generated once the records are updated.

If you sold, bought, or transferred property recently, you may print a copy of the tax bill online. You may contact the Assessor's Office to validate the time it is taking to change file information. If you received the original tax bill, please forward to the new owner or reach out to the title company.

Update Address

To update your address, please send an email to the Assessor's Office.

Tax Bill Availability

Secured tax bills for the 2023/24 fiscal year were released October 1st and will be available on the website. 

View & Pay Property Taxes Online

Currently, you can view and pay defaulted secured taxes, current unsecured taxes, and supplemental bills through our online system. 

Please Note: The 2023-24 secured property tax amounts are currently available. 

Notice of Current Property Taxes Due 2023-2024

Secured Tax Bill Mailing Schedule

The 2023-24 secured tax bills were generated the last week of September and mailed to property owners in mid-October. If you do not receive your bill by the end of October, please be sure to contact our office at 530-552-3720, or [email protected] to verify your mailing address. 

Unsecured Property Taxes Due August 31

The 2023-2024 unsecured property tax bills were mailed in late July and are due August 31st. There are several payment options available. 

  • Pay online by credit card or e-check. Payments will be accepted until midnight on August 31.
  • Pay by check or cash in our Oroville office until 5:00 pm on August 31.
  • Mail your payment to our office postmarked on or before August 31.
  • Pay by using the toll-free number 1-844-882-3391

If you have not received your bill, please contact our office for a duplicate copy and to verify your mailing address. Just a reminder, if you owned the unsecured property on January 1, 2023, you are responsible for paying the 2023-2024 bill.

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