Title Company & Lender Instructions

Payment Processing Checklist

Include the Following with Payment

  • Current owner's full name
  • Situs address
  • Payment breakdown
  • Assessment number (not the fee number)
  • Escrow number on check
  • Contact name and phone number for payment questions
  • If paying a supplemental bill, reference the assessment number (beginning with a 99, and assessment year)

Mobile Homes Title Transfer Checklist

Obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate

Renew or Update an Expired Tax Clearance Certificate

  • Copy of the outdated Tax Clearance Certificate
  • $25 renewal fee

Delinquent Unsecured Tax Demands

The Central Collections Division of the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Department processes demands for delinquent unsecured taxes. For more information, call 530-552-3710. You can also fax your your demand to 530-538-6540 or email it to Collections.