Property Taxes

Pay by e-check or credit card using the Treasurer-Tax Collector Department's online payment system and receive an immediate email confirmation that your property tax payment has been processed!

  • E-checks - It is free to pay by e-check through the Treasurer-Tax Collector's online payment system. Use this service instead of your bank's "bill pay" system.
  • Credit Cards - The service fee to pay by credit card is 2.30% of the total charged to the card.
  • Debit Cards - The service fee is $3.49 per transaction.

Please note: When using the online payment system you are agreeing to the payment terms and conditions you accepted while online including the amount to be charged (with late fees if applicable). These payments are posted immediately and cannot be reversed. If you have a question about the amount due, please contact our office at 530-552-3720 before making your payment.

To pay by telephone, please call Heartland Payment Systems at 844-882-3391 (toll free).

Why is there a service fee for credit cards? Here's the answer.

By Mail

Payments by mail must be postmarked on or before the due date listed on the payment stub. Please make checks payable to the Butte County Tax Collector. Write your assessment number on your check and include your tax bill payment stub, if available.

Exception: Delinquent property taxes with a final due date of June 30th must be received by the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Department on or before that date.

In Person

Lobby Hours: 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Treasurer-Tax Collector's office is located on the bottom floor of the Butte County Administration building in Oroville. The Property Tax Division accepts cash, checks, and money orders at the front counter.