The Engineering Division is composed of several different sections - Bridges, Construction, Road Design, Traffic, Permits, and Pavement Management.

Bridges Section

Responsible for the design of new bridges, and oversight of the maintenance of existing bridges. The Bridge Section oversees more than 500 structures within County right-of-way ranging from bridges to culverts. Approximately 255 of these structures are managed in conjunction with the Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP). This program provides an opportunity for funding the replacement and or rehabilitation of many structures in the County that have been deemed Functionally Obsolete or Structurally Deficient. Progress is continually being made maintaining and upgrading the current state of the bridges within the County through the administration of various construction contracts and the diligent efforts put forth by the County Bridge Maintenance Crew.

Construction Section

The Construction section is responsible for delivering quality transportation projects within the County Right of Way and at the Neal Road Landfill. Construction personnel are responsible for the contract administration including regulations and specifications related to labor and civil rights, all safety-related activities, compiling and maintaining project records and ensuring that the materials utilized in the work and the completed work comply with the plans, specifications and design criteria. Construction personnel also inspect private works for the Butte County Land Development Division to ensure that these projects are constructed to Butte County Standards.

Road Design Section

The Road Design Section employs a staff of civil engineers and engineering technicians who plan and design the County public works road projects, along with preparing the final plans, specifications, and estimates to receive bids for the construction of such projects. The Road Design Section also prepares grant applications and administers federal and state grants, processes environmental clearances and regulatory permitting required, in addition to overseeing County traffic engineering functions and consulting engineer services. The Road Design Section also lends its expertise to reviewing development studies and the planning and design of many of the miscellaneous projects listed in the County's capital improvement program.

Traffic Section

The Traffic Engineering Section performs a variety of duties. To maintain safe streets, the assigned Road Design staff investigates residents' and board members’ requests regarding neighborhood traffic concerns, respond to general traffic requests, manage the City’s signal systems projects, analyze, prepare, and review planning studies for future growth, maintaining traffic databases and accident investigation records, in addition to conducting traffic counts, speed studies, and accident frequency analysis. This is accomplished by implementing policies as set fourth in the California Vehicle Code (CVC), the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

County Bikeway Master Plan

View the County Bikeway Master Plan Page.


The Engineering Division is responsible for permits including Encroachment Permits, Transportation Permits, and Utility Permits. Visit the Permits Page for more information.

Pavement Management

Public Works maintains a Pavement Management System to collect conditions of County maintained roads for analytical purposes.