Improvement Standards

It is the purpose of these Improvement Standards to provide minimum standards to be applied to all site improvements, private and public works, as well as improvements to be installed within existing rights-of-way and easements. This is necessary in order to provide for coordinated development of required facilities to be used by and for the protection of the public. These standards shall apply to and regulate the design and preparation of plans for construction of streets, highways, alleys, drainage, sewerage, street lighting, water supply facilities, fire protection and related public improvements. (October 24th, 2006 Resolution 06-149)

It is recognized that it is not humanly possible to anticipate all situations that may arise or to prescribe standards applicable to every situation. Therefore, any items or situation not included in these Improvement Standards shall be designed in accordance with accepted engineering practice, the Standard Specifications of the State of California Department of Transportation, and as specified by the Director of Public Works.

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