Car Seat Program

Butte County Public Health (BCPH) offers car seat educational classes, one-on-one appointments, inspections and distribution of car seats for Butte County residents. 

BCPH is funded by the Office of Traffic Safety to conduct child passenger safety. For more information about child passenger safety or to schedule an appointment, please call 1-800-339-2941 

Car Seat Stages

Parent/Caregiver Education

Classes: Bi-monthly classes are held in Chico and Oroville. Participants must sign up prior to the class. The classes are conducted in the evenings. The first half of the class provides an overview of car seat laws, the types of car seats, parts, and how to properly install car seats in vehicles. Choosing the correct type of car seat for your child is also reviewed. The second half of the class, car seats are distributed, and parents/caregivers install the car seat and have it inspected before leaving the class.

2023-2024 English Car Seat Class Schedule PDF

2023-2024 Spanish Car Seat Class Schedule PDF

To sign up for a class, please call 1-800-339-2941.

One-on-one appointments: For parents/caregivers that are not able to attend a class, a one-on-one appointment may be scheduled. These are held at various office locations in Butte County depending on where the parent/caregiver lives and the Car Seat Technician availability. Like the class, laws, types of car seats and their parts are reviewed. If the parent/caregiver has their own car seat, the Car Seat Technician will inspect the car seat for recalls, expiration date, other issues with the car seat, and proper fit for the child. If the Parent/caregiver is given a car seat, they will install the car seat and have it inspected before the appointment ends. 

Inspection Events: Throughout the year, inspection events are held in Butte County. These “drive-thru” events are similar to a one-on-one appointment. Car seats education is given and pre-owned car seats are inspected and/or car seats are distributed. 

Community Organizations: BCPH Car Seat Technicians conduct “transporter trainings” for staff who work with different organizations where transporting children is required (e.g., social workers). These trainings are 4 hours and cover topics in-depth such as: laws, types of car seats and their parts, what car seats to use for different size and age children, and installation. At the end of the training, staff participating will NOT be a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

NHTSA Car Seat Technician Trainings: BCPH Injury Prevention team collaborates with the California Highway Patrol and other partners to conduct 3-day Child Passenger Safety Technician Courses and 1-day renewal courses throughout the year. Technician candidates may be from outside of Butte County. If you work for an organization where child passenger safety is a need, please search for a training on the Safe Kids Worldwide website