Recycling at Work

Butte County Offices Recycling ProgramMuch of today's discarded material, especially paper, comes from businesses. Commercial sources like office buildings, schools, and institutions, make up about 35 to 45% of all municipal solid waste. And now with the passage of AB341, Commercial Recycling is now mandatory for all businesses producing four or more cubic yards per week.

Information on Mandatory Commercial Recycling (MCR) can be found:

Steps to Increase Workplace Recycling

The County Public Works Department will work with you and your waste hauler to develop the best recycling plan for your business. Your business will receive a free waste audit to determine what materials can be effectively recycled.

With Recycling at Work your business receives:

  • A customized recycling plan
  • Coordination of recycling services with your waste hauler
  • Education about recycling or a kick-off event for your employees
  • Assistance in obtaining possible grants or loans to facilitate reuse or recycling
  • A listing on this website informing other recyclers that your business is a responsible recycler

Call 530-879-2352 or email Valerie Meza to learn more about how Recycling at Work can help you reduce waste and save money. Please include your business name and address.

Specific Issues to Discuss with Your Recycler

  • What are the potential costs and benefits of recycling
  • Will a decrease in the amount of material going to disposal help cover the costs of recycling
  • Which materials can be recycled most cost effectively
  • What grades of paper are handled and what is the minimum amount required for pickup
  • How will material need to be collected
  • What are the common contaminants for each material
  • Will we be notified if material is not accepted because of contamination
  • Will we receive updates on the quality and quantity of materials collected
  • Will additional containers or other equipment be required for the collection of recyclables

Why Recycle?

The benefits of recycling range from improving your bottom line to conserving natural resources and reducing pollution.

Save Money

Reducing waste can lower the number of garbage pick-ups or reduce the size of your waste container. These changes can translate into real cost savings for your business.

Conserve Resources

Recycling makes it possible to create products from used paper, plastic, or metals instead of using raw materials. This process reduces pollution, conserves landfill space, and decreases the need for mining, logging, and drilling for natural resources.