Land Development

The Land Development Division of Public Works provides numerous services associated with land development and surveying.  This division oversees the formation of assessment districts and oversees/manages County Service Areas (CSAs) and Permanent Road Divisions (PRDs).  Other services include reviewing land development applications, lot line adjustments, and certificates of merger to ensure all conditions with prior creation of lots or movement of property lines. In addition, this division provides map checking, construction, and drainage plan checking, development construction inspection, flood control project coordination with all Local, State, and Federal Agencies, provides information for the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo), management of special districts, and County Surveyor functions. This division also provides clearance of difficult building permits, private road name determinations, flood zone interpretation, Storm Water Plan development, and representation at the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors' meetings. This division ensures that the development and use of all lands are done in a safe manner to protect both the landowners and the community. 

Programs & Services

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  • Floodplain Management Plan Public Review Document -  The public review draft document is now viewable (in PDF) on the Conservancy website by clicking on the "Floodplain Management Plan Public Review Document". Also, see the List of Maps and Documents.