Public Works consists of 7 major divisions.

  • Administration - The Administration Division of Public Works is responsible for the overall function and operation of the Department.
  • Engineering - The Engineering Division is composed of several different sections - Bridges, Construction, Road Design, Traffic, and Pavement Management.
  • Fleet Services - Fleet Services is staffed with 14 personnel assigned to three separate locations (Oroville, Chico, and the Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility) to provide services to all County Departments for vehicle and equipment maintenance. They perform preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and welding/fabrication on over 950 County vehicles and equipment.
  • Land Development - The Land Development Division of Public Works processes abandonments and formation of assessment districts, Permanent Road Divisions, and County Service Areas (CSAs). It provides checking of all subdivisions, parcel maps, waiver of parcel maps, lot line adjustments, and certificate of merger to ensure all conditions with prior creation of lots or movement of property lines.
  • Road Maintenance - The Road Maintenance Division of Public Works is responsible for the overall maintenance and repairs of County roads, bridges, guardrails, and signs.
  • Solid Waste - The Solid Waste Division is responsible for operating the Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility, regulating the local Waste Collectors, providing safe disposal opportunities for Household Hazardous Waste and Universal Waste, enforcement of illegal dumping, administering grant programs, coordinating solid waste and recycling education programs, and implementing programs that divert waste from landfills.
  • Surveys - The Surveys Division is responsible for: 1) Field Surveys for roads, bridges, and the Neal Road Sanitary Landfill, 2) Right-of-way mapping and acquisition, 3) Survey records and files, 4) GPS Surveys, and 5) Control network.