Hazmat (CUPA)

CUPA Hazardous MaterialsThe Unified Program is a suite of six state hazardous materials management programs consolidated and administered by a local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA). The CUPA inspects businesses or facilities that handle or store hazardous materials; generate and/or treat hazardous waste; own or operate underground storage tanks; store petroleum in aboveground tanks over State thresholds; and store federally regulated hazardous materials over State thresholds. The inspections determine compliance with the California Health and Safety Code, California Code of Regulations, and the Code of Federal Regulations. The CUPA Program achieves compliance through education, community and industry outreach, inspections, and enforcement.

Report Environmental Health Emergencies

To report hazardous waste dumping or spills, contact Environmental Health during business hours, Monday through Friday: 530-552-3880.

For after-hour emergencies, call your local fire department.

Access the California Environmental Reporting Agency (CERS) website.

View the File Review Request Form (Phase I/II ESA) (PDF).

New! Access the Agricultural Hazmat Survey Online