Recycle Butte

Recycling is more than extending the life of our landfill. It is about making the best use of the resources we have available and preserving those resources for future generations. It is about conserving water, energy, land, and materials. It is about creating a sustainable community that values what we have and what future generations deserve to have. When you bury something in the landfill, it's like burying the energy and water it took to create that product.

Overhead Map View of Landfill

Hello landfill customers. The Butte County Department of Public Works continues to provide solid waste disposal services at the Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility (NRRWF), despite the COVID-19 health concerns. For now, the NRRWF remains open from 7 am through 4 pm every day without customer restrictions. One area of concern is the possible transmission of the COVID-19 virus on cash. To reduce potential exposure for both customers and staff; we are asking that, when possible, customers pay the solid waste disposal fees with a credit card, rather than cash or check. The NRRWF only accepts Visa or MasterCard. The NRRWF is NOT able to accept debit cards, Discover cards, or American Express cards.

This will speed up the check-in process, and help keep all of us safe as we navigate these very challenging times.

Thank you for your help in keeping this vital piece of our local economy open.