Youth Programs

Probation provides Evidenced Based Programs as well as those identified as best or promising practices. Groups are facilitated, or coordinated and monitored, by the Juvenile Probation staff. The Probation Department has implemented programs such as Aggression Replacement Therapy, Transitional Age Youth Program (18 and beyond), Girls Circle, and Forward Thinking, an interactive evidence-based journaling curriculum.

In addition to the established programs already offered by probation staff, additional programs are offered to address our youth’s criminogenic needs and provide appropriate pro-social activities. The following programs are delivered:

  • The Fresh Start Youth Farm was established by probation to provide youth an opportunity to develop work readiness, self-efficacy and critical thinking skills, to increase attachment to their communities, offer an opportunity to pay restitution to victims, reduce recidivism and increase vocational and education skills.
  • The Boys Council was established to address the individual needs of our male youth. This evidence-based program incorporates motivational interviewing, cultural humility, strength-based practices and trauma-response practices.
  • Strengthening Families Program was established and Probation staff were trained on delivering this nationally recognized parent and family strengthening program for high-risk families. This evidence-based program provides families the necessary skills to reduce problem behavior, delinquency, and alcohol/drug use in children. In addition, this program is designed to decrease maltreatment of children as parents strengthen the bond with their children and learn effective parenting skills.