Customers often have questions regarding Environmental Health program fees. All of the Consumer Protection, CUPA, Solid Waste and Land Use fees can be found at the "Environmental Fees" link below. Various housing issues including mold, bedbugs, cockroaches, and bats are also of high interest to county residents. Information concerning those issues can be found on the Pest and Mold Issues page. Environmental consultants and contractors can find information regarding meth lab cleanup procedures and requirements on the Meth Lab Cleanup page.

Environmental Fees

Environmental Health has set fees for the following programs: Body Art, Food, Swimming Pools and Spas, Public Water Systems, Solid Waste, CUPA, Private Water Wells and Wastewater.

Visit the Environmental Fees page for more information.

Pest & Mold Issues

Mold and pests in residences can adversely affect health and the quality of life. Environmental Health does not have a housing program and therefore does not inspect or enforce housing complaints, but the local code enforcement within your jurisdiction enforces state housing codes. Environmental Health only offers information on these housing issues to assist homeowners and the public.

Visit the Pest and Mold Issues page for more information.

Meth Lab Cleanup

The Methamphetamine Contaminated Property Act of 2005 requires the clean-up of the property contaminated by methamphetamine labs so it can be safe for occupancy. This law also requires the Public Health Officer to respond to complaints of potentially contaminated property. The response includes evaluating the property, testing for contamination, notifying and posting warning notices, issuing orders prohibiting occupancy if the site is not safe, as well as overseeing the ultimate return of the property to a safe environment.

Visit the Meth Lab Cleanup page for more information.