Citizen Participation

We believe public health is best served and our programs are most effective when they are developed and implemented with direct input from the stakeholders that we serve. Environmental Health currently collaborates with four independent citizen groups covering Food Safety, Hazardous Materials, Wastewater, and Well Drillers respectively.

Food Safety Advisory Group

The Food Safety Advisory Group is composed of stakeholders from the retail food industry, local food, school nutrition, community event organizers, and consumers. The Advisory Group provides community-based review and input for the Division's activities intended to:

  1. Increase conformance with the nine U.S. FDA Voluntary Retail Food Standards
  2. Provide reasonable, science-based local interpretation of the California Retail Food code
  3. Increase the public's awareness of food safety principles and the Division's efforts to assure a safe, secure, and sustainable food supply system
  4. Identify and implement successful incentive strategies for improving food safety
  5. Develop program effectiveness and performance metrics to verify the effectiveness of policies and programs

Visit the Food Safety Advisory Group page for more information.

Hazardous Materials Advisory Group

The Hazmat Advisory Group is composed of stakeholders from hazmat facilities that we regulate including agriculture, fire (First Responders), environmental consultants, and environmentalists. The Advisory Group serves as a forum for stakeholder input on CUPA program activities and provides the Environmental Health Director community-based review and input on:

  1. Strategies for effectively implementing new CUPA program initiatives
  2. Methods for improving two-way communication between the CUPA and regulated businesses
  3. Policies for effective enforcement to achieve compliance with state and federal codes and regulations
  4. Initiatives for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of CUPA programs

Visit the Hazardous Materials Advisory Group page for more information.

Wastewater Advisory Group

The Wastewater Advisory Committee is composed of stakeholders from the onsite wastewater industry, the Board of Realtors, the building industry, engineers specializing in environmental consultation, and Butte County residents. Advisory Committee members work toward the following objectives:

  1. Development and maintenance of the On-Site Wastewater Manual
  2. Application of new on-site collection, treatment, conveyance, and dispersal technology
  3. Development and oversight of a system for assuring that on-site wastewater systems are appropriately operated, maintained, and monitored
  4. Future revisions to Butte County Code Chapter 19 and the On-Site Wastewater Manual
  5. Policies, practices, and procedures to improve the protection of public health and delivery of customer service pertaining to the implementation of this Chapter and the On-Site Wastewater Manual

Visit the Wastewater Advisory Group page for more information.

Well Driller Advisory Group

The Well Drillers Advisory Group is composed of stakeholders representing licensed well drillers and pump installation contractors. The Advisory Group makes recommendations to Environmental Health on matters pertaining to the regulation of water wells.

Visit the Well Driller Advisory Group page for more information.