Juvenile Hall Programming

Juvenile Hall Daily Schedule

Youths live a structured life in Juvenile Hall. They participate in daily chores, attend school, and participate in a variety of programs. Here is what a typical day looks like in Juvenile Hall:

6 amWakeup, showers, chores
7:30 amBreakfast, dish crew cleanup
8:30 amSchool
1 pmSchool
3 pmCounseling Activities
4 pmOrganized group activities
5 pmDinner
5:30 pmOrganized group activities
8:30 pmFree time
9 pmAll youth in rooms, ready for bed

Table Mountain School

Butte County Office of Education provides a fully accredited academic program for youth in Juvenile Hall. Table Mountain School (TMS) is a year-round school for incarcerated youth at the Juvenile Hall. TMS is a fully accredited school by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This certification shows that the TMS program has been observed and approved by education professionals, and it also means that students graduating from TMS are eligible for CalGrants.

For complete information about Table Mountain School, please visit their website.

For newsletters visit the Table Mountain School Newsletters Page.

Programs in Juvenile Hall

In addition to regular counseling services, there are a variety of programming opportunities available to youth in Juvenile Hall.

Camp Condor

Camp Condor is an 8 to 14 month, court-ordered program for juvenile offenders that has an emphasis on accountability and achievement. The program is centered on a series of phases that prepare juveniles for reintegration into the community. The goal of Camp Condor is rehabilitation through counseling and personal accountability, with the ultimate goal of reducing the chance of a relapse into criminal behavior.

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley operates a club within the Juvenile Hall.

The Boys and Girls Club staff members work with the youth inside of Juvenile Hall in a living area redesigned for this purpose. It is a “targeted re-entry program” this is designed to facilitate the delinquent’s positive transition into the community. The Boys and Girls Club also assists with the after-school programming throughout the facility.

ROP Welding Program

Certain youth have the opportunity to learn basic welding skills through the Table Mountain School ROP Welding Program. The students keep busy with projects ranging from coat racks, furniture, and decorations to large-scale community service projects. Community service projects have included building well drilling rigs for delivery to Tanzania, Africa, creating sweeper carts to use in Downtown Chico clean-up projects, and fabricating feeding cage enclosures for animals at the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary in Oroville.

A student in the program has commented; “This program has given me a fundamental life skill that will open countless job opportunities for me… If I pursue welding, it will give me a financially stable future and a journey worth traveling.”

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ROP Landscaping Program

Youths will participate in many facets of Landscape education. Youths will learn about soils, plants, water, design, maintenance, and more through numerous classroom and hands-on approaches. Youth assist the Freshstart Youth Garden through the germination of the plant starts for use in the garden. Youth will also participate in community service projects as part of a year-long project establishing fish habitat and erosion control through the growth of willow trees.

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The Writing Exchange

The writing exchange blog was created to display writing done by incarcerated youth. Participants include juvenile hall facilities in Butte, Fresno, Lassen, Placer, and San Mateo counties. Students are given journal topics and asked to write what needs to be written. Several entries are handpicked from each classroom site and posted to the blog anonymously.

Other groups and programs Butte County Juvenile Hall works with are found in the Outside Services Directory.