Treatment strategies, including programming, hold offenders accountable and afford them opportunities to become productive, law-abiding citizens.

Collaborative Courts

Collaborative Courts, also known as problem-solving courts, promote accountability by combining judicial supervision with rehabilitation services that are rigorously monitored and focused on recovery.

Drug Court Program

With the court’s approval, qualified defendants are placed on court-supervised, comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs. Drug Court judges monitor the participation of the defendants and those who successfully complete the program have their drug case dismissed. Supervision, drug testing, treatment, and regular court reviews are involved in the drug court program.

Courage to Change

The Courage to Change program is a process of interactive journaling. It allows individuals to write down their thoughts and ideas which help to guide interactions with their Probation Officer. The journals feature information and exercises designed to help the individual look at their current situation and consider changes they would like to make to better their lives.

Computer Class

Bi-monthly computer literacy classes are held at our Chico Probation and Community Services office. The class is led by a volunteer who teaches basic to intermediate computer skills.

Job Readiness Workshop

The Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc. holds a bi-monthly job readiness workshop for adult offenders. This three-part series workshop teaches adults: how and where to look for local jobs, how to fill out applications and create a resume, and how to interview for a job.