Obtain My Record

To obtain a copy of your probation record and proof of completion, contact the Butte County Probation Department at 530-538-7661.

Juvenile Record Sealing

If your case terminated after January 1, 2015, the Court may seal your record at the time of your case dismissal. However, if your case pre-dated January 1, 2015, you will need to ask the Court to seal your record if you qualify. 

To request sealing of court records, a minor or his/her attorney must fill out a paperwork packet and file it with the Butte County Juvenile Court Clerk. The matter is placed on the juvenile court calendar by the Clerk and the Probation Department is notified of the hearing.

More information on Juvenile Record Sealing can be found on the California Courts website.

To contact the Juvenile Court Clerk, you may call 530-538-7010.

Pay My Fees

Restitution owed by offenders are outlined in their Terms and Conditions of Probation.

Restitution is paid through the Butte County Treasurer-Tax Collector in the Central Collections Division. They may be reached by phone at 530-552-3710 or online at the Treasurer-Tax Collector Page.